About Emmy...

My name is Emmy, I am 17 years young and from Mannheim, Germany.


After years of unhealthy eating habits, low activity and all-over unhappiness I've found my passion in fitness and strength training.




My experiences.

I've been through overweight, being too skinny, an eating disorder and multiple other ups and downs in my past.


- I had to learn early in my life to accept my obstacles as challenges and as chances to improve while overcoming them.



Healthy foodporn on a new level.

Let me show you how creative, tasty and colorful eating healthy can be

- with healthy versions of your favorite cakes, sweets and meals.

Fitting Low Carb, Low Fat and many other diets.



Join me on my Fitness Journey.

Motivation, structure and discipline are the bascis of a successful life - wether it may be in training, nutrition or life!

Let me motivate YOU and get lots of information about nutrition, training and self-management.



Where there's a will, there's a way.

After two years of weight lifting I am finally on my way and I know, what my goal is: 

Being strong, healthy and happy. And moreover:




Let me excite YOU about this awesome, endorphine filled lifestyle!


I am covinced that you can REACH YOUR GOALS if you are ready to give what it takes.


With the right motivation, fun and discipline I am closer to mine every day...



... and so can YOU.




More about the fit life on my blog and on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!




                                                                                                        ...Yours, Emmy 💋 ♥