Top 5 On How To Build Muscle - Ladies Edition!

If you want to look better, slimmer and more in shape it is highly recommended that you put on some muscle mass.

Yes, even as a woman! Especially then. Because


Strong is the new skinny


You don´t have to worry about looking too manly, since it is not possible naturally 

- this is science proved guys, I promise!


#1 Proper Hydration

Getting enough to drink (and we´re talking about water here, of course!) is essentially for your body to survive.

We lose lots of water through several natural Body processes as well as through exercise and hot weather.

Quick Tipp: Recovering and detoxing with plenty of water helps to recover from illness, improves your skin AND helps you lose excess fat (since it makes you full) & stored water.

So it makes you lean AND pretty - what´s better than that? And it´s totally free around here!

Tee and coffee also helps you to stay hydrated constantly - don´t harm your body by declining it proper hydration.

Athletes should go for a higher intake - about 1 Liter for each 20kg / 44 lbs bodyweight.

I´ve got an easy to read article for you here

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Drink more WATER! - It is pure life and energy for your body.

#2 Eat More

Fats do NOT make you fat. And neither do carbs.

In order to build muscle, you have to show your body that there is enough excess nutrition to build muscle - in hard and restricted times we are programmed to store fat in order to assure our liveliness.

That means you have to create a caloric surplus - eating a little more than you burn, depending on how easy you put on muscle / fat.

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Easy Waffel Recipe - Protein Style, super tasty and fast!!

#3 Change to good fats

Even if fitting your macros is essentially, your body still can´t work properly if you always feed it with the trans fats found in cake, sweets and good old McD´s.

While trans fats are undiscussably bad for your health (read more here.), scientists are still discussing about the saturated fats.

Whatever will be identified as `the truth`, make sure you stick to unsaturated fats that your body can use properly to control not only insulin and cholesterol, but to assure your overall health.

Avocados, olives, nuts and flaxseeds are some good examples here.

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Seeds are a great and aso cheap source of healthy fats!

#4 Train like the guys!

There really is no reason why women shouldn´t hit it hard in the gym as well - especially since that´s what makes us lean and toned; not bulky and manly.

Stick to a rep range of 8-12 reps (until failure!) for 3-4 sets and you are in the sexy and muscle building zone! (For strength improvement you can try out the 5x5 system).

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#5 Fiber Up!

One of our less positive childhood memories probably is someone older saying "Eat your Greens little kid" - but why were they actually right?


- Vegetables carry lots of fiber, which is a the indigestible portion of food derived from plants that aids digestion and improves your overall health.

Plus, it makes you feel full for longer (!!)

- Other sources are whole grain foods, nuts/seeds, lentils, beans, rice cakes and fruits, and all kinds of veggies.

Even if you fill your fiber goals with the foregoing

vegetable alternatives, I still recommend you to actually EAT YOUR GREENS!


A good aim is a fiber intake of at least 25-30g a day.


They do not only carry lots of fiber, but also quite a lot of Vitamins and Minerals which are essential for your body´s working processes.

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Superfood Goji - as a topping for your breakfast or a little snack.

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